YouTube Interlude: Enticing Previews

A themed collection of Youtube vids for your viewing pleasure!

For this selection of vids I have picked out, have some games that are coming out soon that I think you all should take a look at.  Some indie, some not.  Enjoy!


Legend of Grimrock

A first person, dungeon-crawler rpg of the like of which have not been seen in awhile.  Think Wizardry, but shiny and updated!  Looks pretty rad and out on Steam and through their site later this month.



Fez is a cute pixel style puzzle/platformer.  Its Xbox Live Arcade exclusive, but from what I have seen, it looks adorable AND fun!  The gimmick is (and I mean that in a nice way!) that you are 2d, but the environment is 3d, leading to interesting puzzle combinations.  Set to be released April 13th!


Torchlight II

Sequel to the indie Diablo style hack-and-slash for PC and Mac.  Set to be out sometime this July, this charming little action game has gone multiplayer (something which its predecessor lacked) and has got a brand new coat of pretty!  Check it out!



Unfortunately, I wasn’t sure about posting this one, since its been in development FOREVER with no end in sight, but I always root for the indie developers trying to hack it on their own.  I had the opportunity to play this game at PAX last year, and it was as fun as it is quirky and charming.  Check them out and send some good vibe their way and we’ll have this game soon!  PC and Xbox.


Fable Heroes

Was Fable not cute/multiplayer enough for you?  Well then check this sucker out.  In a cross between Fable and Little Big Planet.  With a cast of heroes from the Fable-verse, as well as what looks like a create your own hero – this game is sure to be a party pleaser.  Xbox exclusive.



Sequel to the PS3 exclusive Warhawk, Starhawk promises to deliver more awesome vehicle combat than ever before.  The ships now change into mechs!  You’re in space!  Battling for bases/flags/kills/whatever!  If its anything like its predecessor, its gonna be one of the best ‘the more the merrier’ LAN party titles coming out this year!  May 8th, PS3 only.


Final Fantasy Theatrythm

A new rhythm game for fans of Final Fantasy.  If you don’t like either of those things, you probably will not care about this.  But if you do, like rhythm games and Final Fantasy, check that video out and tell me you aren’t damn excited!  Set to be release in North America this summer.

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