FAIL. That’s me, essentially. It’s been way too long since I’ve done one of these reviews and I feel terrible. Actually, to keep in theme with the movie I’ve selected this week, I get a ‘F’ for effort and a ‘Does Not Meet Expectations’ for life. Now, that I’ve done beating myself up over not giving all my adoring fans something to assault your eyeballs, I present you with my newest review.

High school based horror films may not be a new trick, but it’s certainly a smart one. When the majority of your film viewers are between the tender of age of 16 to 24, it makes sense to use something familiar to them as your murder massacre setting. Carrie (1976), Prom Night (1980), Scream (1996) and The Craft (1996) not only use the school as a backdrop for their blood spattered canvas, but they play on all of the personal nightmares that come with growing up: dating, pressure to have sex and of course, popularity and being the social outcast…. which brings us to this weeks movie!


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When Darren Mullet hangs himself, those who were responsible for pushing the chubby, asthmatic social pariah to commit suicide, decide to throw a party in ‘remembrance’ of their fallen peer. What they don’t realize is that continuing to tease and torment their target in death is going to have grave consequences. The popular crowd at the British middle school are rich, snotty and utterly obnoxious and yet everyone wants to be a part of their elite group. Justine is one such girl, who manages to earn her membership with the school celebrities, even getting to date the most handsome boy at school. Little does she know that accepting her role within the ‘it’ crowd, comes with deadly consequences. The spirit of Darren comes back with a brutal vengeance to punish all of those who ruined, and ultimately led to the taking of his own life.


Losers Need Not Apply

What could have been just another run-of-the-mill teenage horror movie, ended up being a rather clever black-comedy horror flick. The story itself is pretty basic, but where this movie breaks the mold is with its clever script, great acting and gruesome, horrible death scenes.

Alex Pettyfer plays the narcissistic leader of the pack, who peer pressures his followers to to obey his every sadistic command and does it well, able to shift from ridiculously charming to menacing within a blink of an eye. His band of ‘Yes-Men’ are littered with stereotypes, from the seasoned slut, to the brutish jock and of course the omega to Alex’s alpha – the one boy who who borders on being half-way decent.

While the script is well written and the direction certainly nothing to turn your nose up at, where it really shines is with the gore. I’m not a huge fan of obscene amounts of blood, pus and viscera, but there are times when the scenes are crafted so exquisitely that it’s impossible to deny that the special effects industry is a form of art. I couldn’t just pick one of the gory deaths of the tormented teens, so I’ve included a couple… trust me, despite how grim these pictures might be, there is worse – I just wanted to let you all enjoy it as it happens in the movie.


More than just a typical high school horror movie with a cast that doesn’t distract you with its star power, but still manages to shine, a script that’s both humorous and frightening and death scenes that more recent genre films could take notes from. The only thing that was really missing, was a scare/creep factor, but I can honestly life without it on this one.

Netflix Rating: ** 1/2
My Rating: *** 1/2

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