The Queen of Sharks: An Interview with Gail Simone Part II

Continued from Part I

Kim: Is there anyone out there who you love to work with? Or anyone that you’ve always wanted to work with but have yet to get the chance?

Gail: Oh my gosh! Well, any of the Kuberts would be great. I have just been so lucky to work with the people that I have worked with. There is so much talent out there that it would be hard to choose. I’ve got to work with Michael Golden on the one issue of Birds of Prey, and I would love to work with him again.

A risque Adam Hughes cover we may never have seen

Kim: It was announced that Adam Hughes will be working on the covers for Batgirl, so I’m curious as to how you work out what will be featured on the front page of each of the issues. Do you sit down and discuss what you’d like to see? Or does he just send something your way?

Gail: What happens with Adam, at least so far and when I’ve worked with him in the past (Rose and Thorn) is he wants to know what the issue is about and then he’ll offer up a couple of suggestions, and the editors and myself will put our two cents in and he’ll kind of go from there. What I like is that not only are they gorgeous and eye-catching, but they are very thoughtful and always have something to say. I really love Adam for that.

Kim: One of the questions we’ve been asking all of artists and writers we’ve interviewed is: If you could choose five characters from any universe, who would be on the team and who would write it and who would be the artist?

Gail: Oh my gosh! Let’s see.. what would we do. First of all, I think would pick Paul Cornell to write it and then I would pick something crazy like a mixture of Captain Marvel and Thor and any of those characters who are kind of large and off-beat. I would love to see what Paul would do with that. And as far as artists go, Andy Kubert. I think the pair of them working together would be really cool.

Kim: A lot of comic books have been translated into feature films and others are being adapted for television, so I was curious that if there was an opportunity for any of the titles you’ve worked on to be optioned as a movie or a TV show, which would you like to see be produced?

Gail: I would of course like to see Welcome to Tranquility because that’s something that I’ve created. It has a large cast and a lot of potential for different types of stories going on in that town. The other thing that I think would be very intriguing as an adaptation would be the six-issue mini series called Rose and Thorn. I think to explore that side of heroism and mental illness would be very dark and interesting.

Kim: Just one last question for you; is there anything that you’re reading right now that you would like to recommend that your fans maybe haven’t heard about.

Gail: Miriam Libicki’s Jobnik! An American girl’s adventures in the Israeli army. It’s very interesting and a subject matter that I really didn’t know anything about. It’s really well done. Miriam is here at the convention and I’ve talked to her a couple of times and I just love what she has done, so I would recommend that as something that a lot of people probably haven’t heard about, but should seek it out and take a look at it. It’s so unique.

You know, I have artists and writers that I follow and read often, but I have been so busy with this relaunch that I’m so far behind. I’m sure that you could recommend something right now better than I could!

Kim: Thank you so much, Gail.

Gail: Thank you.

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