The Franchise Rights Alone Will Make Us Rich…

In honor of Toy Fair 2012 currently underway far away from me, I’ve decided to take a little moment to review one of, if not the, fanciest toys I own.

I have very simple tastes when it comes to toys.  If they look like the character and stand up without falling over, I’m generally pleased.  But today I received my gateway drug into the world of ‘adult collectibles’…and not like the kind you might expect me to be talking about after my last article.  I mean the upper class toys, the kind with authentically cloth clothing and leather boots and interchangeable parts and points of articulation in the double digits.

I got the Matty Collector 12inch Ray Stanz from Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters is kind of my jam, and while Egon was amazing, Ray was always my favorite.  So simply having a figure of him was enough for me to descend into girlish nerdy giggles.  But then I discovered everything it could do.  Like I said before, I’ve ever had a toy of this quality before, so every little discovery was pure magic.

The sculpt itself is sturdy and well painted, and pretty damned detailed.  The clothes are great, and I actually like the boots and the gloves being PVC as well rather than faux leather.  It makes it a little easier to pose it.  Speaking of posing, the joints are all stiff enough to hold a pose, but loose enough to move around without being terrified you’re going to snap it.  The head on mine is a little overly loose, and the proton pack does make the whole thing a little back heavy, but it’s solid over all.

There’s a bunch of additional pieces too; A set of alternate gloveless hands, the radio, those ridiculous yet awesome ecto-goggles and of course, the trap.  The trap actually springs open as well, but only when you press the red light.  I would have squealed if it worked when you pressed the pedal, though.  That would have put me into a nerd coma.  There’s also the pack itself, which is detailed as hell, and actually pretty sturdy.  Apparently it lights up, but I couldn’t figure out how to detach it from it’s base and after a close call when I accidentally took apart and then couldn’t reassemble the trap, I was a bit hesitant to push it further.  So, for now, all I can say is it does things.  No word yet on just how impressive those ‘things’ are.

And now I have to mention something that just blew my freaking mind.  It actually has nothing to do with the figure itself, rather the packaging.  Yup, I am so new to this I’m about to freak out over packaging.  All the additional pieces come in a separate slide out cardboard compartment.  That compartment had been designed to look and open exactly like their lockers.  I tossed the rest of the packaging.  I shall never toss that.

All in all, I am both impressed with and giddy over my very first high-class toy.  My only regret is now I’m going to spend so…so much money.  There are three more Ghostbusters to collect, after all.

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