Power Girl Loses “Boob Window”

We’ve heard about these two books weeks ago, but now we’re finally getting to see the cover art for DC’s World’s Finest by George Perez, and a variant cover for Earth 2 by Ivan Reis and Joe Prado.

If you’re just discovering the existence of these books, they’re the first two titles to prove DC is back to their multiverse tricks again. World’s Finest, written by Paul Levitz, pulls Power Girl and an alternate Huntress, who is Bruce Wayne & Selina Kyle’s daughter, away from Earth-2 and drops them into “our” world (Earth-1). I’m guessing shenanigans will ensue. Not much is known about the Earth 2 title except that it takes place on the second Earth and supposedly is where the Justice Society is hanging out. Writer James Robinson and artist Nicola Scott have been keeping tight lipped about the whole project. Both of these books are meant to hit shelves in May.

Worlds Finest #1 Cover

P is for P-P-P-Power!

The biggest non-surprise — Power Girl has lost her famously controversial “boob window” (or port-hole as Kim calls it). It also looks like her endowment has decreased drastically.

If the story is good, which is touch-n-go at this point, I’m hoping that the de-sexualization of Power Girl might start appeasing some of the female readers who’ve been very vocal about Power Girl’s costume in the past. And, look at that, with no giant cleavage hole Power Girl finally gets to sport a symbol on her chest.

Earth-2 Variant Cover

Wonder Woman is so bad ass!

The second cover is a variant for the Earth 2 series. Now, I’m very confused by this cover. First, why are the Earth-2 redesigns of the Trinity so much cooler than the Earth-1 designs? Wonder Woman looks like she’s ready to kick ass and take names — I love it! And secondly, I though this book was suppose to be about the JSA?!

Maybe both the JSA and the JLA exist on Earth-2, but I’m a little sad that the first images of the book have nothing to do with what they’ve been hyping it up to be. Unless… oh God, I really hope they didn’t put Batman, Wonder Woman and Supes in the JSA…

Only time will tell, and hopefully we’ll start to hear more about this mysterious series as the launch date gets closer. Plus, Nicola Scott art = DC taking my money.

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