Playable Perplexities: FFXIII-2 Revisited.

I beat the game, I bought the first DLCs immediately and felt silly for spending 3 dollars on an outfit for Noel, but hey, he looked cool and I though it was pretty rad.

Then I was pointed to what they are planning for as far as outfits for the next DLC.

And I kind of wanted to punch something.


Serah - Beach Bum Barbie.

Noel - Hunter Extraordinare

Like, what the fuck.

Look at Noel.  He looks like a total boss, covered head to toe in sweet armor, even posed somewhat badass.  And then Serah.  She looks like a little vulnerable barbie thrown on an adventure when she’d rather be on the beach being oggled.  Her pose is even timid and adorable.

What the fuck.

Who is this game marketed to??!?

I don’t care if sex sells, this is ridiculous.  What if I wanted to see Noel in his beach bum clothes?  Why don’t I get to see shirtless wonder Noel?  Now lets take a look at all the outfits currently available for the two of them:

Noel's three outfits.

Serah's three outfits.

Can you see why I’m upset?  I mean, I can appreciate sexy ladies, but there is something so wrong about what is going on here.  Serah’s first outfit is basically perfect, and I almost wish I had gotten that pre-order bonus.  But then even her standard outfit starts to push my ‘sexism alert’ buttons.  It’s even got those annoying pointless cutouts to show us more of her skin (which is super relevant when you go on a time-travel adventure, guys).

A friend of mine argued  “for the boners?” with a little shrug.

But are the people with the boners actually playing this game?  Because as far as I can tell, based on my friends and the people I know who want to play it, is basically all women who are interested in playing.

In my review of this game I touched on the problem that FFX-2 had, and this was it.  It was marketed to women, but women weren’t the targeted audience.  So the game then comes off as uncomfortable for both sexes to play.  Why — if this game was for me — do I have to watch skin and tits bounce around the screen when I am trying to enjoy my game.

I think there is a time and place for pandering to a young male audience and this isn’t it.  It doesn’t add anything here, and distracts from my enjoyment of this game.  And before anyone asks, yes, I understand that there are women out there who like looking at women too, but (and I may be wrong in saying so) I think they probably wouldn’t like this treatment of Serah much either.

I’m trying really hard to like this game.  I really am.  But after the super-disappointing conclusion and the first look at what’s to come in DLC, I don’t know if I want to.

There is no equal sexploitation here – its just Squenix trying to market their game (poorly) to a demographic that wasn’t super into this game  in the first place.


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One Comment

  1. Laura
    Posted February 27, 2012 at 8:46 pm | Permalink

    Oh look. Noel gets another cool costume, and Serah gets…..well, we don’t know yet. But I bet its lingerie.

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