Episode 8: The Princess is in Another Castle

Kim (@xxgazillaxx), Bree (@sareidia), Brendon (@thebrendonlam) and special guest Ryan (@attritionfilms) get nostalgic over the video game industry in the 1980’s! Listen to us discuss the history of the industry and geek out over our favourite games from our childhood. Listen Now Links Rabbit Island Kickstarter http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/papercrate/rabbit-island-artist-residency Batman: Year One trailer http://www.mtv.com/videos/movie-trailers/670647/batman-year-one.jhtml

The Evolution in Horror: An Interview with Rue Morgue Magazine

Fear. Disgust. These are the emotions that most horror movies try to elicit from their viewing audience. There are often scenes of the macabre and of the supernatural, sometimes even overlapping into the fantasy or science fiction genres. Depictions of our nightmares, our darkest fears and of course, terror of the unknown are what they […]

The Real Episode 7 – Conventions, I Am In You.

Our convention episode where we share tips and tricks on surviving a convention. We also embarrass ourselves with some hilarious stories from our convention adventures. Listen Now

Episode 7: FX + Fart Jokes = $$$

In this week’s podcast we are taking on the movie industry and trying to determine whether Hollywood has lost its integrity. Listen Now Links Learn more about City of Heroes http://www.cityofheroes.com/en/trial/index.html Breaker High Video http://youtu.be/5q_ThaCjZPU

She Packs a Punch: An Interview with Amanda Conner

There’s a bit of a story I want to share with you guys before I get into the interview. I approached Amanda late on Sunday as the convention was starting to wind down, pulled out my gear and began to tell her about the conversation I had with a trio of adorable little girls in […]

“I am the Underwear Ninja!” An Interview with Jeph Jacques

Anyone who’s scratching their head or shocked by the title of this article obviously hasn’t read Questionable Content (abbreviated QC) or know anything about it’s adorably perverse and offensive robotic mascot, Pintsize. I can only hope that with a little background information and the interview with the creator/artist/writer, you will soon be waiting with baited […]

Creature Comforts: An Interview with Jeff Lemire

At the Calgary Entertainment Expo (June 17 – 19, 2011), I somehow managed to charm the award-winning Canadian artist and writer into doing an interview with me. I was especially excited after having sat through the DC panel where Lemire went into some details about both titles he will be working on for the upcoming […]

Review: Morning Glories vol. 1

Written by: Nick Spencer Art by: Joe Eisma Covers by: Rodin Esquejo Colors by: Alex Sollazzo This is what you would get if you combined Lost with The Breakfast Club. Morning Glories had been recommended to me a couple of times, but I kept putting it off because of the already giant pile of books […]

Episode 5: Controllers?! We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Controllers!

This week’s podcast covers our thoughts on the announcements from E3 2011. We cover the new Sony handheld – the PSVita, the Wii U from Nintendo and many of the games coming soon to a computer or console near you. The guest for this episode is a fabulous female gamer – Laura! @lauraelyseme Listen Now […]

Episode 4.5: AKA Episode 1: The Relaunch

This podcast is a follow up to Episode #4 – Ch-ch-ch-Changes discussing the DC Comics relaunch. Now that all 52 titles have been announce, Bree, Brendon, Kim and returning guest Mark (@MBlancaflor) go over the titles they are looking forward to the most, and those the changes that infuriate them. Listen Now Links Help The […]

The 52 DC Comic Titles

Here is the official list of the 52 number ones being released this September by DC Comics. Listed are the titles, writers, artists and whether or not we here at Geekin’ Out give a damn. Now we just have to wait until September to see which of these titles are going to either be great […]

Episode 4: Ch-ch-ch-Changes!

DC recently dropped the bomb about a 52 book relaunch happening in September. This is our response to the news. Some of us are hopeful, while others are not – ready to get into the debate? Special Guest of Awesome Mark – @MBlancaflor Listen Now Links Custom Dalek – Firebox.com Penny Arcade News http://www.penny-arcade.com/ Baby […]

Episode 3: Sammich or GTFO!

In this episode we discuss the social aspects of online gaming with two – yes, two – special guests. Brendon questions the group about their gaming habits, bad experiences and looks for the silver lining in the cloud of trolls. We also hand out recommendations for games – both online and off and of course, […]

Episode 2: The Good, The Bad and The Busty

This episode covers the huge topic of women in comics – their role, the costumes, and the creators who love them. Main topics include demystifying stereotypes, Wonder Woman and Power Girl’s costume, creators who write strong women and those who destroy them. Warning – lots of beef to be had, not for vegetarians! Special Guest […]

Episode 1: Why I Don’t Have to Like Bat-Mite

The debut podcast where we discuss the importance of accessibility in the comic industry… and Emma Frost’s boobs. Also discussed was the unfortunate events surrounding colourist Moose Baumann and his cancer stricken wife. Please follow the link below and help support his cause. http://www.comicsalliance.com/2011/05/19/moose-baumann-colorist-healthcare/ Listen Now You can follow the Geekin’ Out crew on Twitter […]

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