Just Take My Money, Lego. Just Take it.

The New York Toy Fair was this week, and though I couldn’t attend, the internet kept me very well informed. So informed that I know 80% of my money will be going straight to Lego.

It was bad enough this Christmas when they announced the Lord of the Rings sets, but on top of all that awesomeness they’re also going to release Monster Hunters, Avengers and new Star Wars collections. I’m gonna be so broke…

I also am not sure where I’m going to put it all.

Lego Ghost Train


Monster Hunters
I first heard about this set about a month before NY Toy Fair, but at the time there was nothing to show for it. I wanted it just from the description alone, but now that I’ve seen the pictures of each set, I’ll want to get them all.

The sets include the Swamp Monster, Mummy, Werewolf, Vampire Hearse, The Zombies, Frankenstein’s Lab, a Ghost Train and the Vampire’s Castle. (I keep wanting to call it Dracula’s Castle, but nope, it’s just an unnamed vampire.) Each include a minifig of the specified monster and a hunter.

Lego Dracula's Castle

Just call me... Bob the Vampire

Though they’re all beyond rad, the two I’m looking forward to the most are the Ghost Train and the Vampire’s Castle.

If you saw the Toy Story short that played in front of the Muppet Movie then you know why I need the Ghost Train. And the adorable ghost minifigs help a little too. And well, the Vampire’s Castle, IT’S A CASTLE WITH VAMPIRES IN IT! All other arguments are invalid.

Frankenstein’s Lab is also on my list for must-haves, but since I already have a mad scientist & Frankenstein Monster minifigs I think I can wait.

Wolverine' s Chopper Show Down

PS. Magneto would win.

Avengers & the X-Men
I’m not surprised that Lego is releasing an Avengers collection this year, what with the whole movie thing, but what’s kind of surprising is they’re also releasing a single X-Men set with Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool.

It’s called Wolverine’s Chopper Showdown, but most people have been referring to it as the “Deadpool Lego”. This actually makes me sad because if there’s one minifig worth having here it’s Magneto. Just look at his little helmet, it’s sooooo cute….er… *ahem*

The Avengers collection includes Captain America’s Avenging Cycle, Loki’s Cosmic Cube Escape (Kim may have to buy this) and the Quinjet Aerial Battle with Iron Man, Black Widow and Thor.

Jabba's Palace

Thermal detonator included!

Star Wars
Ahh… my favourite Lego theme.

With The Phantom Menace in theatres again Lego has been releasing updated versions of past sets from this film, but NOTHING can make me want a Naboo set with Gungans or baby Anakin. Sorry Lego, I love you, but no. The Podracers are kinda cool, but again, not going to happen.

The new Clone Wars sets are also intriguing, but mostly for the minifigs, I don’t really care about much else.

What I really want are the Return of the Jedi sets. I know everyone loves Empire, but Jedi always has been, and always will be my favourite of the Trilogy. Part of it is the Ewoks — I’m a girl, I’m allowed to like them — but it’s mostly because Princess Leia is A BOSS!

The new Jedi sets include a brand new Sarlaac Pit with Jabba’s skiff and an updated Jabba’s Palace with Boushh Leia, new and improved Jabba, Carbonite Han and Salacious B. Crumb! So many awesome things! All it needs is a Rancor and it would be the best Lego set ever!

Just give them to me, Lego. Take my monies and give me everything.
Images are stolen (with love) from Toy News International

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    I want all the ghostly horror stuff so badly. *whimpers*

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