Fashionable & Nerdy: An Interview with Rapscallion Clothing & Design

Nerd fashion has been on the rise. No longer are those who are prone to playing video games, reading comics and watching Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror movies, restricted to sweat pants and ill fitted t-shirts. Now, we are offered a variety of options; from Captain America patriotic hoodies to the Tron flavored blazer, and not only do we have a kagillion different choices – but we’re proud of our membership of the Nerd Community and more than willing to wear it like a badge of honor.

The question then is: How do we properly accessorize? Better yet – How can we add a splash of ‘Nerd’ to our every day work clothes?

Well, the answer would be Rapscallion Clothing & Design, a Canadian company working out of Medicine Hat, Alberta. They offer a wide range of earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets and even cufflinks that cater to every type of Nerd imaginable. Into video games? Pick up a Mario Fire Flower necklace. Like horror? How about a pink rose petal ring with a brain for a delicious centerpiece? We got the chance to speak with Amy about their amazingly adorable (and terrifying!) jewellery.

Nautical Necklace

Kim: Hi Amy – is this your first time at the Expo?

Amy: Hi! Yeah, it is my first year.

Kim: And how long have you been designing and creating your jewellery?

Amy: I actually only started making the polymer clay stuff since August of last year, so I’m pretty new to this medium.

Kim: But you’ve been making jewellery for a while?

Amy: Probably since I was about five years old.

Kim: So this is like your passion?

Amy: I mean, I do a lot of things, but yeah – I really love it.

Kim: Do you want to walk us through the process on how you decide what to create?

Amy: I think I kind of just start by doing whatever I want to do. If I’m having fun making it, then it’s a lot more enjoyable for me – makes me want to keep on creating. And I want to make things so that when I’m done, I can be happy that I’ve made them. It’s really all things that I like the aesthetic of.. and that’s usually the horror stuff, or things Hawaiian inspired.. the nautical sort of look.

Kim: Are you big into the horror genre then?

Amy: Not so much the movies, I’m kind of a big wuss like that , but I like the look of a lot of it and the culture around it.

Skull Rose Brooch

Kim: What about all of the video game related items you have out here this weekend and on the website – Would you consider yourself to be a gamer?

Amy: I like all of the vintage stuff. I grew up in that era, so definitely the NES and SNES were a big part of my life. So, I like bringing that back with the nostalgia of growing up.

Kim: So, obviously you have a variety of goodies out on your table for people to choose from, but do you do commissions?

Amy: Yeah, we do custom work. It’s just about hearing what you have in mind and then we work out a price and see if we can make it happen. I’m up for the challenge to try out new ideas!

Kim: I kind of wish that I knew about you before I got married – I would have loved to have worn some of your pieces! Speaking of marriage. We’ve been asking all of the people we’re interviewing to offer me some marriage or relationship advice. What have you got for me?

Amy: Well, I’m not married – so I don’t have any advice for you! Hmm.. what’s the old adage? “Don’t go to bed angry.”

Kim: Thank you so much for your time, Amy. It was a pleasure.

Amy: Thank you!

If you want to learn more about Amy and Rapscallion Clothing & Design, visit their website:

or you can follow them on Twitter: @teamrapscallion

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