Episode 12: Natural Selection Be Damned!

In this week’s conversation we tackle what it means to be a geek and the evolution of geek culture. We discuss societies need to perpetuate stereotypes, social issues and the importance of geeks in media.

The Whuddups also brings a brief sub-conversation about the racial controversy behind Marvel comics newest Spiderman.

Also, we would like to thank our listeners for hanging with us last week through the world’s worst podcast. We apologize again for the poor sound quality and bring you good news that this week is clear and even comes with a new format. We’d love feedback on everything we do so we can keep improving for you guys!

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  1. doktor mabuse
    Posted August 10, 2011 at 9:41 pm | Permalink

    In regards to when video games became popular in the mainstream, I say it happened closely after the movie Swingers (1995). It was a great combination of taking an unpopular pastime (video games) with a famous sports star (Wayne Gretzky) and a funny but authentic dialogue to take video games out of the “geek” closet.

    In the scene where the Vince Vaughn character and the other dude are playing NHL 94 and Vaughn makes ” Gretzky’s head bleed”. That to me was the first time we saw average, cool dudes playing a video game without any nerd or geek bullshit attached to it.

    The dialogue in that scene along with the screen shots were amazingly accurate and hilarious. My brother and I saw that movie at the time of it’s release and we were laughing so hard during that sequence we were crying. It was as if Favreau took a transcript from our numerous games and wrote that scene with it.

    It was shortly after movie became big, colleges/ universities started holding NHL 9X tourneys. It was interesting to see the wide scope of players who showed up at my local college. Video games could now be enjoyed and openly discussed without feeling out of place.

    Now, if Favreau can throw Cosmic Encounter or Earth Reborn into an upcoming film I could die a happy boardgaming geek.

  2. Posted August 11, 2011 at 6:00 pm | Permalink

    Really good show , might be the best discussion you’ve had thus far.

    When my non geek friends question why I like stuff like Dungeons and Dragons , I usually just ask them ” how did you like Lord of the Rings ? ” .. thats what D&D and RPGs are , numbnuts! thats why we nerd out over it! LOTR is pretty epic right? …

    When I get dirty looks with my comics. Ill ask how did you like Batman , Watchmen , Sin City , Ghost World , Road to Perdition , Walking Dead , Spider Man , From Hell , RED ,…etc ? That’s what Im reading in comics! its not the 70s Superfriends or Adam West Batman. Its deep shit.

    I like Big Bang Theory , I dont mind the stereotypes . I agree with Bree , its an exaggeration for entertainment value. Does Penny represent all blondes whom are waitresses? probably not. Do all Indians talk like Raj via Apu? no but its for the show. Howard not only a geek stereotype but a massive Jewish stereotype but I havent heard any uproar from the Jewish community. I think BBT does more good than bad , its not perfect but it does enlighten non geeks more about the culture.

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