Crap n’ Stuff (May 30th Edition)

We love stuff! Do you love stuff? Of course you do, admit it.

Here are some items we’ve found in our journeys that we either own or REALLY want to own. Hopefully, we can unite you with some new-found goodies to add to your collections.

Kim’s Recommendations

Franks and Beans Bubble Gum

A compliment to the bacon candy necklace.

For Your Sweet Tooth: Bubble Gum Franks & Beans

I’m almost upset that it doesn’t actually taste like it.. then I wonder why anyone would want them to..

Price: $4.95 USD
Where to Buy: Archie McPhee

"Hitchhike a Tardis" T-Shirt

Towels & bow ties not included.

For British Sci-Fi Geeks: "Hitchhike a Tardis" T-Shirt

The right way to combine incredibly nerdy things.Who wouldn’t want to see the Doctor with Zaphod Beeblebrox? I know, right?

Price: $25.56 USD
Where to Buy: RedBubble

Brendon’s Recommendations

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers DVD

It's Morphin Time!

For TV Geeks: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Seasons 1-7 Box Set

YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Finally I can relive the adventures of super hottie, Australian Pink Ranger and Jason coming back in Zeo as the Gold Ranger! You guys have no idea how hard I’m going to marathon Lost Galaxy. So hard, you guys. SO. HARD.

Where to Buy: TBA

Ballpark Classics Fenway Park

Sorry, doesn't come with mini Crackerjacks.

For Baseball Fans: Baseball Classics Tabletop Game

Surprise, surprise. Brendon picked something SPORTS related. Oh, and OF COURSE it’s baseball. Wait, AND it has to do with the Boston Red Sox? Good grief, give it a rest Brendon. No one gives a shit.

Price: $249.00 USD
Where to Buy: Ballpark Classics

Bree’s Recommendations

Poster Art of the Disney Parks

All you need is a stuffed chiro to complete the awesome!

For Disney Fans: Poster Art of the Disney Parks

This book will be released on September 4th, just 2 days before my birthday *wink*. It’ll be full of amazing retro style art that I really like… *hint HINT* Seriously, someone one had better get this for me. *looks at Brendon*

Price: $26.13 USD
Where to Buy: Pre-Order on Amazon

Venture Bros. Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr. w/Tin Tote Exclusive

Oh, Rusty, where did all go wrong?

For Team Venture: Venture Bros. Rusty & Jonas Venture Sr. w/Tin Tote Exclusive

I saw this at one of the local comic shops yesterday & I thought it was just a plain ol’ lunch box. If I had known there were figures inside I would have maxed out my credit card to buy it! In fact, lemme check my balance…

Price: $44.99 USD
Where to Buy: Entertainment Earth

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