Crap n’ Stuff (June 13th Edition)

We love stuff! Do you love stuff? Of course you do, admit it.

Here are some items we’ve found in our journeys that we either own or REALLY want to own. Hopefully, we can unite you with some new-found goodies to add to your collections.

Kim’s Recommendations

Wil Wheaton Doll

W00tstock is only your imagination away.

For the Geeks Geek: Wil Wheaton Doll

You can own a little version of the Godfather of Nerds right now! It’d only be better if it said “Don’t be a Dick!”

Price: $19.95 USD
Where to Buy: Hijinks Ensue

Loki Bath Salts

Villainy smells gooood.

For the Pampered Geek: Loki Bath Salts

Delightful Rot sells a variety of whimsical and nerdtacular perfumes, the one inspired by the God of Mischief, is one of my favorites. “You were made to smell amazing.”

Price: $8 USD
Where to Buy: Delightful Rot via Etsy

Brendon’s Recommendations

Vinylmation Major League Baseball Boston Red Sox Figure

You'll need enough to make a team

For BoSox Fans: Vinylmation Major League Baseball Boston Red Sox Figure

Words. There are no words. I was going to order it right away, but found out it was a Theme Park exclusive. I’ll be damned if I don’t drive down to Disneyland just to pick this up…which I will do in September.

Price: $14.95 USD
Where to Buy: Disney Store

figma Link Figure

¥3,257 = $40.93?

For Gamers: figma Link Figure

I’m a fan of Link. Not as much as some of our other contributors *cough* Shannon/Laura *cough*. I’m an even bigger fan of CRAZY articulated figures! LOOK AT THOSE POSES! I will give all of my yen(?) to figma!

Price: Approx. $40.93 USD
Where to Buy: Preorder @ Hobbylink Japan

Bree’s Recommendations

Beemo iPhone Case

Beemo: the original smart phone.

For Adventure Time Fans: Beemo iPhone Case

Beemo is everyone’s favourite gaming machine from Adventure Time, therefore, it would seem appropriate to put this little guys face on your personal gaming machine — your PHONE!

Price: $39.95 USD
Where to Buy: Cartoon Network Shop

Game of Thrones: Joffrey Target

Practicing headshots has never been so fun!

For Team Stark: “The Perfect Target” Poster

When I first saw this graphic I almost fell off my chair. I want to go to a shooting range so bad with this poster. It’s just soooo goooooood!

Also comes as a T-Shirt.

Price: $24.70 USD
Where to Buy: Red Bubble

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