Crap n’ Stuff (January 30th Edition)

We love stuff! Do you love stuff? Of course you do, admit it.

Here are some items we’ve found in our journeys that we either own or REALLY want to own. Hopefully, we can unite you with some new-found goodies to add to your collections.

Kim’s Recommendations

R2D2 Helmet

This -is- the helmet you've been looking for!

For Star Wars Fans: Avid Grom R2D2 Helmet

Protect your noggin and show off your sick moves (via skateboard, bike or slopes?) in a galaxy far, far away with this incredible head gear. I might consider becoming more active just so I could wear this thing.

Price: $99.95 USD
Where to Buy:

Companion Cube Soap

Take this relationship to the next level.

For Portal Fans: Companion Cube Soap

The cake might be a lie, but smelling good never is! The creator of Digital Soaps, Chrystal Doucette is building a nerdy empire by replicating amazing and awesome video game controllers, cartridges and other geektastic treats into delicious shower time fun.

Price: $22.99 USD
Where to Buy: Digitalsoaps on

Brendon’s Recommendations

"Macho King" Randy Savage

Why isn't he in the Hall of Fame yet?

For The Wrestling Fan: “Macho King” Randy Savage

The perfect Macho Man figure. The crown, the glasses, the purple tights…THE TASSLES. I only wish his scepter would smash to bits so I can screw my Ultimate Warrior figure out of matches. Not that I have matches with them or anything. There’s not enough articulation. I’ve tried.

Price: $27.99 USD
Where to Buy: Ringside Collectibles

WWE World Title Belt Buckle

Pretend -you- won the Royal Rumble

Also For Wrestling Fans: World Title Belt Buckle

Tired of wanting to walk around the mall with a really obnoxiously large wrestling belt, only to feel like you would be laughed at mercilessly or jumped? Now you can, with this slightly less discreet and slightly less obnoxious belt buckle. Trucker hat not included.

Price: $39.99 USD
Where to Buy: High Spots

Bree’s Recommendations

ctrl-alt-del cup set

A new type of caffeine crash.

For Tea/Coffee Drinker: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cups

I’m not a coffee drinker, but man do I love my tea. Even more than that I love collecting geeky mugs to put tea in and these just scream to be added to my kitchen. Now I just have to convince Brendon that we need them…

Price: $11.99 USD
Where to Buy: Ctrl-Alt-Delete Cup Set

Fred Batter Finger

Finger lickin' good.

For Bakers: Fred Batter Finger

If you like to bake you also know it’s imperative that the batter be “tested” for quality control. Whether you do this yourself, or have a lil’ helper, this spatula gives you all the satisfaction of finger lickin’ without the messy fingers.

Price: $7.95 USD
Where to Buy: Sur La Table

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