Crap n’ Stuff (April 23rd Edition)

We love stuff! Do you love stuff? Of course you do, admit it.

Here are some items we’ve found in our journeys that we either own or REALLY want to own. Hopefully, we can unite you with some new-found goodies to add to your collections.

Kim’s Recommendations

Shark Attack Porcelain Mug

Imma Gonna Eat Your Face!

For Anybody: Shark Attack Porcelain Mug

Duh, Dum! Duh, Dum! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the coffee pot! With bleary morning eyes and sleepy head, I can guarantee this is going to scare someone in your household.

Price: $10.56 USD
Where to Buy: Archie McPhee

Ninja Turtles T-Shirt

Poor Mikey, he didn't get the memo.

For TMNT Geeks: Ninja Turtles T-Shirt

Cowabunga! This almost looks like some sort of response to Michael Bay’s ruining of the TMNT franchise, in a cute and adorable fashion. Either that or Mikey totally couldn’t find his orange headband. Maybe he thought it was pizza.

Price: $20 USD
Where to Buy: Tee Turtle

Brendon’s Recommendations

WWE Legends Diamond Dallas Page Figure


For Wrestling Fans: WWE Legends Diamond Dallas Page Figure

Ok, my mind was kind of blown seeing as I didn’t know Matty was doing WWE Exclusives. I really wanted to showcase the Rockers, but Bree hates it when I put things that really aren’t available…

Price: $20 USD
Where to Buy:

DC Universe Legion of Super Heroes 12-Pack

Of course he did. *sigh* (signed Bree)

For Legion Geeks: DC Universe Legion of Super Heroes 12-Pack

…sooo out of spite, here’s this really awesome hard thing that’s really hard to find and really expensive. I want it. Natch.

Price: Approx $300 USD
Where to Buy: EBay, if you’re lucky (Originally on

Bree’s Recommendations

Muppet Theatre Print

It's time to light the lights...

For Muppet Geeks: Muppet Theatre Screen Print

I showcased the Janice print sold by Dark Ink, and now they have a new Muppet Theatre one which is gorgeous! I just need to find the wall space to hang it.

You can’t buy it today, but you will be able to tomorrow at some random time.

Price: $60 USD (Limited 200 pieces)
Where to Buy: Dark Ink

Avengers Assembled T-shirt

Hulk rides for 50 cents!

For Avengers Fans: Avengers Assembled T-Shirt

I’m not a big Marvel fan, but this t-shirt is just too adorable to say “no” to. I just want to take the Hulk home with me and make him my friend.

Price: $25 USD
Where to Buy: Mighty Fine

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